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The library has recently received some wonderful new books to help people who have lost their job. These books teach you how to know your legal rights, revise your budget to survive the lean times, search for jobs, and get back on your feet.

The Laid0ff Ninja: The Official Layoff Support Network Guide to Guerrilla Job Hunting
by Craig Brown & Javed Ikbal

“Now is one of the toughest times in history to find a job. The problem is not the enormous number of unemployed people who are competing for the same position; it is the enormous number of SMART people competing for the same position. The number of highly skilled, unemployed people with college degrees is staggering. If you have been searching for a job, you already know this. In The Laidoff Ninja you will learn techniques that helped hundreds of people survive unexpected unemployment.

Not only have they amassed the knowledge of Layoff Support Network members, they both survived an extended bout of unemployment. Who better than two technology experts with a proven track record of helping hundreds of Layoff Support Network users? Both Ikbal and Brown are actual “hiring managers” and know what employers look for in the real-life job market.

Proven techniques include:
– Strategies for coping with emotional issues
– Financial survival
– Job searching strategies
– Finding opportunities
– Hacking social networks
– Interviewing
– How not to sabotage your own efforts
– Sections for recent college graduates” (Enriched Content Provided by Syndetics).

What to Do When You Are Fired or Laid Off: A Complete Guide to the Benefits and Legal Rights You Need to Know to Get Back on Your Feet
by P.K. Fontana

“In the last five years, more than a million jobs have been lost in the United States, many of them due to the closure of plants, factories, or downsizing in shrinking companies. Millions more people have lost their jobs due to being fired, restructuring, or mergers in major corporations. This comprehensive guide to the laws and benefits provided to those individuals who have lost their jobs, for whatever reason, will help you discover exactly what you can do to ensure you have the resources you need to salvage your life and your career after losing a job.

A complete listing of the requirements your employer is bound to and the legal implications of your particular situation will be provided in multiple chapters broken down to reflect the various situations in which you lost your job.

You will learn what opportunities the federal government provides to those who have lost their jobs, including unemployment benefits and welfare coverage. You will also learn about how you can take advantage of additional workforce training to further your technical skills. You will learn how to handle your taxes while unemployed. You will learn how to know if your firing was legal and if you have a legal basis to reproach your company for laying you off. If you were unfairly terminated, you will be shown how you can approach an attorney and what you need to provide to win your case.

Finally, you will be shown which resources and tools are available to help you get back on your feet, finding a new job that utilizes your skills and training. You will learn how you can modernize your skill set with additional training, seek out hiring services, and supplement your income between jobs with temporary or part-time opportunities. Hours of expert opinions have been gathered into this book from hiring managers, employment lawyers, and other experts in the field to help you know exactly what rights you have and what you can do to recover” (Enriched Content Provided by Syndetics).

Surviving a Layoff: A Week-by-Week Guide to Getting Your Life Back Together
by Lita Epstein

“Being laid off is a traumatic event. You have to make decisions about reorganizing your life and your finances while grappling with the emotional grief of losing your job. This book presents a plan for coping with a layoff, which includes the grieving process, restructuring finances, job hunting, and dealing with long-term unemployment” (Enriched Content Provided by Syndetics).

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