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Did you know that Oakton has employed hundreds of authors over the years? We did. Our own librarian Russell Kracke maintains a list of all published Oakton authors for the library’s Oakton Authors Research Guide.

Calling All Oakton Authors: If you’ve published any works (books, articles, etc.) during or prior to the 2017-18 academic year, please send a list of your publications to librarian Russell Kracke for inclusion in the “Oakton Authors” Research Guide.

Why not check out one of these Oakton authors for your next read?

9781582380513_p0_v1_s550x406The Involved Father: Family-Tested Solutions for Getting Dads To Participate More in the Daily Lives of Their Children
by Robert Frank, with Kathryn E. Livingston

The Involved Father tackles head-on the one issue that other parenting books ignore altogether-the emotional tug-of-war between a father who feels he’s doing everything he should solely by earning an income, and a stay-at-home or working mother who’s exhausted and frustrated because she’s not getting the support and involvement from her spouse that she wants.

The national media have erupted with stories about why children need equal involvement from both their parents—from preventing youth violence to improving self-esteem, school grades, and emotional maturity. But until now, no one has addressed the glaring reality that talking about it is one thing and figuring out exactly how to do it is another.

In many families, the responsibility for the children and for running the household remains dramatically out of kilter. Frequently, the woman is most frustrated and torn by the demands of juggling her roles as a mother, wife, and, very often, breadwinner. Sometimes it’s the dad who can’t seem to figure out how to prioritize the needs of his children, his wife, and his own career aspirations and personal goals. And having a father who agrees to watch the children doesn’t necessarily mean he’s involved if he’s watching a ball game or working on his computer.

Couples need to examine not only how much time a father spends with his children, but also what type of activities he participates in. When fathers understand why their involvement is so crucial to their child’s development, it motivates them to make this time together more meaningful. Organized according to children’s ages and stages, The Involved Father addresses how involvement issues change throughout the ‘seasons’ of parenting. Dr. Frank synthesizes hundreds of interviews and insights from his 17 years as a family therapist to help families arrive at solutions that will bring balance and fairness into their lives, and help them rediscover the true rewards of parenting” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

9780738551029_p0_v1_s550x406Schaumburg’s Woodfield Mall
By William J. Holderfield

“Woodfield Mall opened on September 9, 1971. Built in the village of Schaumburg, Woodfield Mall was a major factor in the rise of that city and all of Chicago’s northwest suburbs. At the time of Schaumburg’s incorporation in 1956, approximately 130 people lived in the area. The mall opened with 59 stores on that fateful day in 1971, and actor Vincent Price served as master of ceremonies. By 1973, Woodfield Mall had grown to nearly 190 stores, and at 1.9 million square feet of retail, it was the largest mall in America at the time. Retailers and corporations began to flock to the area, and many top companies now call Schaumburg home, existing in the shadows of Woodfield Mall.

Today Schaumburg holds a population of over 75,000 residents, and Woodfield Mall brings 27 million visitors per year to its 2.7 million square feet of shopping space, making it the number one visitor destination in Illinois. New stores continually reshape the shopping experience in this place where society and commerce collide” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

womennazisWomen and Nazis: Perpetrators of Genocide and Other Crimes during Hitler’s Regime, 1933-1945
By Wendy Adele-Marie Sarti

“War atrocities cannot be segregated by gender and gender cannot be ignored when analyzing the crimes that culminated in the Third Reich’s attempt to eradicate European Jewry and other suspect nationalities and ethnic groups such as the Roma. Despite the Nazis masculine-oriented policies towards Aryan German women many women sought ways to become involved in Hitler’s party and government.

Professor Sarti’s remarkable research discusses the women who not only agreed with the Nazi Weltanschauung but took an active part in mass genocide. Scholarship has tended to fundementally overlook or dismiss the actions of this group; Sarti brings then to the fore of her remarkable investigation into their numbers and their influence. Professor Sarti discusses the broad narrative of women as perpetrators (not as unwilling accomplices) of brutal genocidal acts. She also studies a number of individuals such as the nineteen in the Belsen trial of 1945 and others brought to book by the German authorities in postwar West Germany.

In reality far fewer women were even processed for trial then men and this in the face of research that points to a much higher number of women guards and supervisors than the Allied forces acknowledged. This work, based on primary sources, is sure to be of great interest to students of the Holocaust, genocide as a modern phenomena as well as scholars involved in women and gender studies” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

Colt Army RevolverColt Army Revolver: The Life and Times of a Gunman
By Richard W. Smelter.

“Fresh off a failed Nebraska farm, seventeen-year-old William J. Buckmeister is looking for adventure and enlists in the fabled U.S. 7th Cavalry just prior to General Custers ill-fated campaign of 1876. He is issued the standard Colt 1873 Single Action Army revolver, a firearm he will carry with him throughout his life, and one that will soon define him.

Through long hours of practice, ‘Buck’ masters the art of the fast draw. After an injury forces him out of the army, he tumbles headlong into the rough and dangerous outlaw world. Shooting and killing his way across the untamed western territories, he soon establishes a reputation as one of the deadliest ‘shootists’ of the Old West.

As the twentieth century approaches, Buck struggles to adjust to modernity but finds himself drawn deeper into a life marked by criminal activity, violence, and chronic depression. Even the love of his wife Maggie, a suffragette and political activist, cannot calm the turmoil that rages within him. Forced out of Prohibition-era Chicago, Buck returns to the Windy City in the sunset of his long life, only to find that his phenomenal skills with the Army Colt will be called upon in a final, bloody confrontation—one that may be his last chance for redemption” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

Encyclopedia of TerrorismEncyclopedia of Terrorism
by Harvey W. Kushner.

“The Encyclopedia of Terrorism presents authoritative coverage of what is currently one of the world’s most important topics. With more than 300 articles, the encyclopedia provides detailed discussions of who, what, where, when, and why of terrorism.

Up to date and timely, the articles cover such topics as Al-Qaeda, biological terrorism, extremism, Saddam Hussein, Jihad, Zacarias Moussaoui, and suicide bombers. Written and presented in a concise, readable format with detailed chronology, photographs, maps, and charts, the encyclopedia will be an essential reference for anyone interested in this critical field.

Its in-depth articles make the encyclopedia the most comprehensive reference source available in the field. It has an extensive and global coverage of groups (such as the IRA), and key events (including September 11). With details on the people, terms, statistics, and information on the biographical, historical, and geographical information that is concerned with the study of terrorism. It contains cross-references to related entries at the end of each article with suggested further reading lists in each area” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

Buddha in Sri LankaBuddha in Sri Lanka: Remembered Yesterdays
by Swarna Wickremeratne

“This book provides both an erudite and intimate look at how Buddhism is lived in Sri Lanka. While India is known as the birthplace of Buddhism, Sri Lanka is its other home; Buddhism extends back over twenty-five hundred years on the island and remains at the center of its spiritual traditions and culture.

Throughout the book, author Swarna Wickremeratne incorporates a personal view, sharing stories of herself, her family, friends, and acquaintances as they ‘lived Buddhism’ both during her Sri Lankan girlhood and during more recent times. This personal view makes the traditions come alive as Wickremeratne details Buddhist beliefs, customs, rituals and ceremonies, and folklore. She also provides a fascinating discussion of the Sangha, the institutional monkhood in Sri Lanka, including its history, codes of conduct, and evolution and resilience over time. Wickremeratne explores the recent attempts by many monks to reinvent themselves in a society characterized by secularization, globalization, and a tide of aggressive Christian evangelization” (Barnes & Noble).

The Earth is My PatientThe Earth is my Patient
by David F. Arieti.

“The Earth is my Patient is a brilliantly conceived book about the real causes of environmental pollution and their solutions. Many of the ideas in his book are based on Mr. Arieti’s own experience and knowledge. Written in both a serious and tongue in cheek manner this book is guaranteed to make the reader more aware of his/her environment as well as make him think. This is a must read for politicians, men, women and children who want to see a cleaner earth and a brighter future. Mr. Arieti correctly assumes that if the environment goes, we all will go” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

9780867196733_p0_v1_s550x406Arab in America
by Toufic El Rassi

“Through his own life story, from childhood through is life as an adult, El Rassi illustrates the prejudices and discrimination Arabs and Muslims experience daily in American society. He contends with ignorant teachers, racist neighbours, bullying classmates and a growing sense of alienation. He also examines the roles that media and popular culture play and, with examples from film and news media, he shows how difficult it is to have an Arab identity in a society saturated with anti-Arab messages” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

9780785383673_p0_v2_s550x406Elvis: Forever in the Groove: Recording Career 50th Anniversary
by Susan Doll

“This 216-page book pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s history-making recording career. The format is a half-round shape to represent a vinyl LP album. Every chapter opens with one of Elvis’s album covers, reproduced at near-actual size. More than 550 photographs, some never before published, illustrate the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s recording and performing career as well as his private life” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

9780878423460_p0_v2_s550x406Geology Underfoot in Illinois
by Raymond Wiggers

“Illinois—a flat and boring state with nothing but cornfields and crowded expressways, right? Balderdash! Geology Underfoot in Illinois scratches the Prairie State’s surface to expose geologic diversity that stretches back more than a billion years” (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics).

-posted by Kevin Purtell


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